Board of Directors       

Carl Spahr
Chairman of the Board

Mark Hussman
Vice Chairman


Barbara Henningsen

Ken Deering
Board Member

David Ellison
Board Member




Board of Directors & Board Meetings

The Gardnerville Water Company Board of Directors consists of a five-member board elected by the property owners of Gardnerville. The elected board of directors manages and directs the water company. The manager is hired by the board of directors to oversee day-to-day operations, review capital improvements, review commercial and residential improvement plans, and manage support staff. By-laws adopted and amended as part of the company's articles of incorporation govern the management and operation of the water company.

Directors serve staggered four-year terms. Board of Director elections are held as part of the general elections.

The Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at the Gardnerville Water Company office at 1579 Virginia Ranch Rd. The owners of the company (property owners) and general public are encouraged to attend the board meetings. The purpose of the board meetings is to review the operational and financial status of the company and plan for the future water needs of the Gardnerville community.

The Board of Directors also meets once a year on the second Tuesday of January for the Annual Meeting of the Members. At this meeting, the Directors elect Board officers, review and approve the annual user budget, review and approve the capital improvement project list and budget, receive committee reports, and receive public comment.

The board of directors and staff of the Gardnerville Water Company have the following primary objectives:

  • Protecting the public health and environment through effective management of the Gardnerville Water Company's water resources
  • Providing safe, reliable water today and in the future
  • Providing the best water service with an emphasis on excellent customer relations
  • Operating the company in a fiscally responsible manner