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What do I need to do if I own property and rent it? 
GWC must have a current Landlord Tenant Billing Authorization Form on file for all property owners/landlords.  If the landlord wishes to access any tenant billing account information, the landlord must authorize that access by filling out and signing the Landlord Tenant Billing Authorization Form

What are the rules for Landlords/Tenants? 
* The service address must be serviced by its own individual meter.
* The rental/lease agreement for the service address require that the tenant be responsible for all water bills, and that water service is not part of rent. 
* Landlord will not receive a billing statement or any notices for the service address, and is solely responsible for monitoring payment by tenant.
* A new/different tenant will be added to the account only after the new tenant notifies GWC that is in possession of the service address and has applied for service. 
* Once the account is in a tenant’s name, the tenant is authorized to notify GWC of its move-out date.  Upon move-out, a final read and billing statement will be sent to the tenant.  Upon payment, the tenant will be removed from the account.  Unpaid balances are the responsibility of the landlord.
* Landlord authorizes GWC to accept payment from tenants for water service to the service address.
* Move out dates will not be “back-dated.”  Changes to account information will be processed within two business days of receipt.  Disputes between landlord and tenant regarding responsibility for payment must be resolved between landlord and tenant.  Landlord is ultimately responsible to GWC for payment. 
* Any account that becomes 45 days past due is subject to disconnection.  In such cases, GWC will comply with its disconnection procedures.  If the service address is disconnected for non-payment, the landlord will be notified and responsible for payment prior to reestablishment of service.
* Landlord understands and agrees that the GWC Tariffs provide that in the event a tenant does not pay the bill, the owner of the service address is responsible for payment.  Service will not be restored to the service address until all outstanding obligations related thereto are paid in full.
* Landlord authorizes GWC to process billing in the tenant’s name and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold GWC, its officers, officials, and employees harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, costs of collection or suits, including attorney’s fees arising out of or in connection with water service to the service address and or with the administration of the Landlord Tenant Billing Authorization Form, procedure and implementation, and for all service charges and collection charges related thereto. 

How do I get the service changed to the tenant’s name?
With the signed 
Landlord Tenant Billing Authorization Form by the landlord, the tenant needs to complete a Service Application.  Once those two items are complete, GWC will transfer the service into the tenants name.

What should I do if a tenant is moving out?
GWC must receive notice of at least 24 hours prior to the move-out date from either the landlord or tenant.

If a tenant doesn’t pay his bill is the Landlord liable?
Yes. All owners of a rental property served within the GWC service area are ultimately responsible for payment of their account and remain responsible even when tenant occupied.