Currently the GWC uses Sensus SRII water meters.  They are made of brass and thermoplastic materials, have many moving parts that wear or break and have a 10 year life. 


The new Sensus iPERL water meters are made of thermoplastic materials and have a 20 year life.  The operating flow range is dramatically lower than the SRII flows; this means with a ¾” SRII meter, it will not start reading the water usage until the usage is a constant 2 gallons per minute.  With the ¾” iPERL it will start reading at 0.11 gallons per minute. 


The iPERL water meters also have Intelligent Alarms and Data-logs that the SRII did not offer such as: 

   * Detection of tampering                   *  Logs hourly usage              

   * Empty pipes                                   *  Meter stores usage for 35 days

   * Leaks                                              *  FlexNet stores usage history for 3 years

   * Battery failure


 GWC has adopted Sensus' FlexNet System for meter reading.  The system supports one-way radio frequency transmission for water meters.  The system transmits on a primary (unshared) licensed band.  Use of the licensed band ensures that performance will not be degraded due to interference from other systems or devices.  The FlexNet system will allow meter reading to occur in the office and at demand.  Bi-monthly meter reading only take about 10 minutes instead of 10 hours with the Radio Read system. 






Locally, besides Truckee Meadows Water Authority and Sun Valley GID, GWC would be the leader in this new technology in the Carson Valley!