Are there any mandatory watering restrictions in the GWC service territory?

Currently there are no mandatory watering restrictions, however we ask that you use your water wisely.  Never water between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00pm and never water when it is windy, raining or snowing.


Why should we not water from 11 - 6pm?

During the hottest parts of the day, most of the water applied on your lawn during those hours evaporates and doesn't reach the plants' root system.


Why should we not water when it's windy?

The water evaporates, or doesn't land on your lawn.


Why do I smell a rotten egg odor in my water?

GWC receives numerous phone calls each year regarding rotten egg odor coming from the kitchen and bath faucets.  The most common cause of rotten egg odor is aluminum anodes that come with most water heaters. These anodes sometimes react with water to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, making the classic rotten egg odor.  Most of the time, replacement of the standard magnesium or aluminum anode rod in the water heater with an aluminum/zinc alloy anode will solve the problem. Talk to your plumber or contact your water heater manufacturer for suggestions on replacement of the anodes.  Print the information sheet regarding rotten egg oder here.  GWC staff would be happy to answer any further questions regarding hot water rotten egg odor, please call the GWC office at (775) 782-2339.


How do I find out more about water quality?

Please see our Water Quality Information or our Consumer Confidence Report sections on our website.


Can hydrants be used for construction water?

Hydrants can never be used for construction water.  All hydrants are to be utilized only by the local fire agencies and GWC representatives.


Are there opportunities for customers to have a voice in GWC issues?

Yes, GWC has set up a number of channels for customer communication on specific issues like water quality, water pressure, leak reporting, etc. For GWC contact information click here.

In addition, GWC's Board of Directors encourages public comment in each board meeting. These meetings are held monthly in the GWC office, located at 1579 Virginia Ranch Rd in Gardnerville. Click here for a schedule of upcoming board meetings. In this fashion, the opportunity for high-level feedback is increased significantly. Any time management proposes a rule or rate change, these will be brought to the board for approval, and customers will be given the opportunity to give input. Also, the GWC bylaws provide for citizen advisory committees as appointed at the board's discretion.


Can I pay my bill directly out of my bank account?
Yes. With Automatic Bill Payment, we mail your water bill as usual and your payment amount will be automatically deducted from your checking, savings or credit card on the date you pick.   Click here to find out more.


Does GWC have a drop box?

Yes, we have 2 drop boxes - one in our office parking lot and the second at our old location located at 1394 Hwy 395 N (the blue house located at the S curve in downtown Gardnerville).


I am moving.  Who do I contact to update my billing information or cancel my water service?

The staff at GWC would like to remind you that if you are moving, it is your responsibility to notify us to terminate the water service at your current place of residence.  Please contact GWC seven days before your termination date.  To request a transfer or termination of service, please contact us at (775) 782-2339.  


How often does GWC send out water bills?

GWC bills customers bi-monthly.  Water bills are sent out in January, March, May, July, September, and November.  If you have not received your bill by the 15th of the billing month, please contact our office immediately at (775) 782-2339.