All new construction and proposed construction that includes water mains, services and water fixtures requires review by GWC staff.  Projects requiring review include the following:

  • Tentative and Final Subdivision Maps
  • Subdivision Improvement Plans
  • Mastered Subdivision Model Home Plumbing Plans
  • New Commercial Subdivision Improvement Plans
  • New Commercial Building Plumbing & Irrigation Plans
  • Retro-fit of Existing Commercial Buildings Plumbing & Irrigation Plans                           

  Review of new and proposed construction requires completion of an Application for Water Plan Review.

 Application for Water Plan Review Fees:
$150 Fee
New Single 
Family Residential
$250 Fee
$500 Fee
$1,000 Fee (4+ units)
$2,500 Fee
$500 Fee
Project Review Completion (Building Permit Stage) 
  • Once GWC staff has completed the review, the applicant will be given the following:
  • Red-line corrections letter for improvement plans or a request for missing information
  • Letter requesting connection fees from applicant for new service or requests for new plumbing fixtures (see new connection fee section)

Once fees have been paid to GWC, staff will prepare a letter of approval to Douglas County Building Department.


Project Inspection

Subdivision and commercial development projects that involve water mains, service lines, fire hydrants, and other infrastructure to be dedicated to GWC must be inspected by GWC staff.  GWC staff shall be involved in the project beginning with pre-construction meetings.  All water line trenches, service line trenches, valves, tees, elbows, hot taps, thrust blocks, meter pits, and backflow devices shall be inspected by GWC staff.  A 24-hour notice shall be required by contractors requesting a project inspection.  Contractors may use the GWC phone answering services for after-hours requests for next-day inspections at 782-2339.


Project Completion & Certificate of Occupancy

GWC Staff are required to complete a final inspection of all residential and commercial buildings to complete a final fixture count, inspection of backflow devices, and inspection or testing of fire hydrants.  GWC staff will then sign Douglas County Building Permit Card for certificate of occupancy.  A 24-hour inspection request notice is required for this inspection.